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Kuragraceministries would like to welcome you! Knowing the one and only true God, praising him, and following his ways is a good thing. No one wants to be fooled in any way, thus men seek the truth. We are always on the lookout for the true significance of whatever we come across.

Men are on the lookout for directions; getting lost is never fun. Nobody wants to get lost in the middle of a significant journey, especially one as essential as life. Men want to know how to please an implacable deity they know exists, but they’re clueless about how to serve him. Men desire to live. We don’t want to die, no matter how exhausted we are of this planet. We crave life and the possibility of a better existence. It’s a promise of something better than what we have now. All of these are found in God, the creator of the heavens and the earth. The all-powerful God who is the source and sustainer of all life. In this blog we shall continue to learn the ways of God Almighty. We shall continually increase in knowledge by the studying of the word of God.

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