Kura Grace Ministries

Kura Grace Ministries

Welcome to Kuragraceministries! It is a wonderful thing to know the one and only true God, to praise him, and to follow his ways. Men seek the truth; no man wants to be deceived in anyway. We always search for the true meaning of everything we come across. Men seek the way; getting lost is no fun. Nobody wants to get lost in the middle of an important journey, and definitely not on the journey of life. Men seek to know the way to please an intransient being that they know exists, but are amiss on the ways to serve him.

Men want life. We don’t want to die no matter how tired of this world we have become. We seek life and the promise of a better life than this. A promise of something better than this present age. We find all these in God; the maker of the heavens and the earth. The great God who is everything and is the source and sustainer of all life.



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Kura Grace Ministries

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